Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday cake screen

Revisiting a mid-career screen painting... to see more screen paintings choose Screen Paintings from the Paintings menu to the right.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dialysis Patient and Nurse revisited

Revisiting an older post

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Dialysis Patient and Nurse was a small pastel made while undergoing a dialysis treatment. (Concentration was difficult so it was one of only two.) As I was preparing to hand over this piece to its new owner (this is often a very good time to give it one last long look) I saw something in it I hadn't seen before and that's that the nurse, carrying an umbrella (protecting the patient is her function) and the patient who is in a litter (the patient is treated like royalty, is "carried" from death to life), are both on the back of a horse. But perhaps the horse is a donkey and Jerusalem is its location. Then, using Christian symbolism, it represents the patient as Christ! Quite a delusion! But wait: perhaps not. Maybe it only expresses his hoped for resurrection. Therefore the road the donkey's lumbering on's called Transplant Lane!