Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Beautiful though a bit shocking to those who haven't see an arm's vein surgically made into an artery by switching their routes at the wrist. But many tens of thousands... I don't know how many people, undergo dialysis yearly for kidney failure. It extends life by many years or decades. Many lucky people like me get to use it as a bridge to an even better treatment: transplant. Please consider making yourself an organ donor and talking to your family about your wish (if you wish it) to donate your organs after your death. They won't be any use to you then! Cheers, and thanks to my family and friends for getting together the money to make me one of the really really lucky ones (November 5, 2005) and thanks be, last but not least, to God for hearing my heart and making me the most fortunate of the most fortunate with a perfect 6 antigen match.

I've been making photos lately. To see paintings, drawings, poems or other works of art, please choose something from the menu at the right.

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