Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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The graphics project below can be made to fit any size wall or building, interior or exterior. It can be made as a paste-up, painting, low relief or mosaic. Contact the artist's agent if you are interested at sales@dangoorevitch.com

The modular units comprising the piece can be made as coarse or fine as is appropriate for the wall in question.

Below is the black and white version approved by Bing Thom and Arthur Erikson in 1974 for the hoarding around the Vancouver Courthouse construction site (Unfortunately, due to a change in electoral fortunes the next year, the project was shelved):

Below is a YESNO in grey scale and, below that, one in lighter greys.

Below is version that tends toward grey with a green-brown oscillation:

Another version leans toward a rosy tinged chromatic grey.

With the rose removed:

After reading James Joyce's Ulysses, I changed the YesNo to NesYo, in honour of Leopold Bloom's response to Bella, when she asks if she's seen him before at her brothel. I decided that Bloom's "Nes. Yo." was even an even better expression of ambivalence than my original idea.

A Nes wall in two stages in its progress. I regret not taking pictures of earlier stages, particularly one that would have shown the intricate aluminum studding.


Solo Shows

2000 Gallery 1313
1996 Newman Gallery
1995 The Rustic Cosmo Café
1994 The Beauty Box
1993 MTCVA
1993 The Overful
1992 The Overful
1991 Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
1986 Kits House Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2008 8 Artists for 2008; John B. Aird Gallery
2007 Art Dialogue
2006 IN Abstracto
2005 Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, Toronto
2004 Toronto International Art Fair (Engine Gallery booth)
2004 Engine Gallery
2004 IN abstracto
2003 IN abstracto
2000 Gallery 1313
1999 Gallery 1313
1998 Gallery 1313
1997 Gallery 1313
1996 Art Gallery of Ontario Rental & Sales
1995 Art Gallery of Ontario Rental & Sales
1995 Third Rail
1994 Art Gallery of Ontario Rental & Sales
1994 Third Rail
1993 Attic Gallery
1993 Third Rail
1992 Art Dialogue Gallery
1992 Attic Gallery
1991 Art Dialogue Gallery
1982 Surrey Art Gallery; Four Painters
1979 Vancouver Jewish Community Centre
1979 Ridge Theatre Lobby

Corporate Collections

Merril Lynch, Toronto; Microsystems Management, Toronto; Gilmour Associates, Toronto; PSI Fluid Power, Calgary; The Beauty Box, Toronto; Jewish Family & Child Services, Toronto; Gino Gaiga Contractors, Vancouver; White Glove Cleaners, Vancouver.

Reviews & Publications


The Globe & Mail (Feb 8, 1991)


1999 Parchment
1998 Parchment


1996 Israel Poems
1995 Lost & Found
1994 Open The Box

Some small drawings

These small drawings (5"x7") are $650 each.



The Dressing of Persephone

Water from the well


The Artichoke

Bowlers, Boxers, Acrobats and Dancers

Garden #3

Garden #2

La Dolce Vita

Falling/Family unit 3" x 3"

"Calves of iron joy" 3.5" x 3"

Honeymoon 3.5" x 3

The Exile

The Fall

Black Drawings

The black drawings were begun in Vancouver in the 1980s. They continue, when in the mood to discover in shadow, to this day. Please excuse the glare: black graphite surfaces are hard to shoot and besides, a certain amount of glare tells us something about their surfaces.

The Onions 27" x 38" graphite on Clearprint,

Night Scene 11" x 8½" 1988

Night Scene

The Gathering Storm

The Dressing of Persephone



Trophonious 2

Laurie D's Dilemma