Tuesday, February 6, 2007


The graphics project below can be made to fit any size wall or building, interior or exterior. It can be made as a paste-up, painting, low relief or mosaic. Contact the artist's agent if you are interested at sales@dangoorevitch.com

The modular units comprising the piece can be made as coarse or fine as is appropriate for the wall in question.

Below is the black and white version approved by Bing Thom and Arthur Erikson in 1974 for the hoarding around the Vancouver Courthouse construction site (Unfortunately, due to a change in electoral fortunes the next year, the project was shelved):

Below is a YESNO in grey scale and, below that, one in lighter greys.

Below is version that tends toward grey with a green-brown oscillation:

Another version leans toward a rosy tinged chromatic grey.

With the rose removed:

After reading James Joyce's Ulysses, I changed the YesNo to NesYo, in honour of Leopold Bloom's response to Bella, when she asks if she's seen him before at her brothel. I decided that Bloom's "Nes. Yo." was even an even better expression of ambivalence than my original idea.

A Nes wall in two stages in its progress. I regret not taking pictures of earlier stages, particularly one that would have shown the intricate aluminum studding.

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