Monday, July 13, 2009

Dialysis Patient and Nurse revisited

Revisiting an older post

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Dialysis Patient and Nurse was a small pastel made while undergoing a dialysis treatment. (Concentration was difficult so it was one of only two.) As I was preparing to hand over this piece to its new owner (this is often a very good time to give it one last long look) I saw something in it I hadn't seen before and that's that the nurse, carrying an umbrella (protecting the patient is her function) and the patient who is in a litter (the patient is treated like royalty, is "carried" from death to life), are both on the back of a horse. But perhaps the horse is a donkey and Jerusalem is its location. Then, using Christian symbolism, it represents the patient as Christ! Quite a delusion! But wait: perhaps not. Maybe it only expresses his hoped for resurrection. Therefore the road the donkey's lumbering on's called Transplant Lane!