Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is a nightclub

This couple reminds me of my lovely parents who held the best parties in Edmonton. Jazz, bright lights, booze, laughter, affable men smiling and patting my head, women kneeling to look me in the eyes. Love, not the carnal but the divine, to quote Elmer Gantry, was in the air: the smell of perfume, the rustling of dresses, the house jam-packed. To be invited to Faye and Morrie's annual party was to score a big opportunity for fun out loud. The Rex Jazz & Blues Club takes me back to those years when, Saturday afternoons, seeing the fridge crammed tight with food and mixers I'd shout "Party! Party! Party!" and get the answer "Not for you! You'll be in bed!" ("That's why you think" I'd silently reply. And all night one or the other parent would take turns chasing up the stairs, threatening us with punishments they were too happy to inflict).

The other day was the 47th year of my mother's passing. Since I don't do synagogue and that kind of thing, this will have to burn as her candle.

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Dan Goorevitch said...

Translation of the above post in Chinese:

"You can not determine the length of life, but you can control its width........................"

Thanks for this excellent thought...

Deer with cinnamon ankles said...

reminded me of mrs dalloway
the party i mean
giving a party
the waiting
the exchange of energies
circle with someone in the middle (isn't always someone in the middle?)
growth and passing of and in time
places that protect and enclose
and threads that knit people together
veins so much longer and wider than the borders of the body

there is a deep need to be rooted into wombs other than the mother's as that not possible
ever growing memories
depth of warmth

to creative people inspiration is a need
thank you


Dan Goorevitch said...

Dear e.

Your comments are deeply moving to me. Thank you so much. For the idea of a larger womb and rebirth, please see Afterpsalm 15 here: http://dangoorevitch-psalms.blogspot.com/2007/04/16_16.html

Many thanks, Dan

Dan Goorevitch said...

veins so much longer and wider than the borders of the body

this is a wonderful line!

Deer with cinnamon ankles said...

thank you Dan.

and for Afterpsalm 15.